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Since 2016, we’ve been making life better for local businesses in North East Victoria. When we see good businesses struggling to find new customers, or simply missing opportunities to connect, it’s in our DNA to help them succeed. Growing up in rural Australia and travelling the country side has showed us first hand just how often local businesses miss opportunities to interact with potential customers who actively look for them.


Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered around Local staff, helping Local businesses find Local customers in North East Victoria & Beyond.


Away from bustling metropolitan areas, local businesses often survive with the existing client base and new referrals. In an age when new business is more frequently won online than on the street, our searches would direct our attention away to major cities. We saw the opportunity to help local businesses take simple steps to become easily visible in the modern marketplace.

After decades of experience in professional digital, service and communication industries, our passion lies in helping people. Communities thrive with the strength and success of residents. We exist to help businesses within Wangaratta and the larger surrounding area meet their audiences online, establish and maintain active relationships with customers and make the most of the opportunities surrounding them well into the future.


Founders Of AR Digital.

Travis Cunningham

Travis Cunningham

Founder & CTO

Traditionally, markets and main-streets were the place businesses would thrive. These days, an increasing majority of business is done online – much of it from smartphones. For businesses to thrive, a great website is only the beginning.

The bigger picture involves building your online presence to get the attention your business deserves, turning your audience into customers, and building sustainable ongoing relationships. 

After launching a career in banking 16 years ago, I’ve worked in sales, marketing and management for major corporations like Honda, LG, Hyundai, VW , CBA, Unity Financial. Studying how they build their success from the inside helped me shape my understanding of the way big business engages with consumers

As a co-founder of AR Digital with over a decade of experience and insight, I bring the same techniques used by large stakeholders directly to local businesses in North East Victoria.

Karin Eriksson-Green

Karin Eriksson-Green

Founder & CEO

Our society is built on relationships and communication. From social communities to business transactions, we define success by the strength of our presence, the integrity in our work and the clarity of our message. As the CEO  and co-founder of AR, I define success by my ability to help other businesses perform effectively within a constantly-evolving landscape.


Following 10 years in hospitality, retail, education, and serviced based industries, I have a grounded understanding of both relationships and communication. I also understand what it’s like to be a consumer with exceptionally high standards. I work with businesses just like yours to establish, define and deliver functionality, content and design goals. I’m here to help build the presence of your brand, support the integrity of your business and enhance your clarity of your message.

Why Work With Us

To help local businesses connect with new customers and maintain relationships with existing clients, we’re


Based within 2km of most local businesses, we’re on hand to develop plans, create solutions and solve problems, face-to-face.


Driven by quality, detail and opportunity, we work to increase the reliability and value of content for rural consumers and businesses alike.


Understanding that rural businesses don’t always have big budgets, we bridge the gap with tech and advertising solutions to suit the entire spectrum.


Running a business is complicated enough. When it comes to helping you build your online presence, activity and sales, we keep the whole process simple as possible.


Inspired by human connection, we immerse ourselves in local culture, shining spotlights and sharing hidden gems to help grow traffic to the area and businesses.


To get real results, you need realistic solutions. We’re driven by your success and satisfaction, and ensure all our work is affordable and reliable with clear objectives.

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